In 2015, we planned a 2-week vacation in northwest Scotland.  This was to be our second trip to our favorite destination.  It’s a long story, but we arrived in Edinburgh without luggage and drove directly to Ullapool the first night, not knowing if our luggage would find us or not.  It had been last seen in Newark, New Jersey.  We had booked a day of trout fishing with Stewart Yates of Assynt Flyfishing just a few days after our arrival and were somewhat panicked when neither our clothing nor our flyfishing tackle had arrived on the day of our fishing adventure.  To our delight, Stewart and his family provided all of our necessities (clothing, fishing tackle, rain coats, even socks!) until our possessions were delivered six days after our arrival. This continued for several days after our fishing trip.  … We caught lots of nice brown trout with Stewart and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Assynt region.  We even were invited for lunch one afternoon with Stewart and his family.  That was a treat!  It was truly a blessing in disguise to be without our luggage, because we were able to enjoy the hospitality and generosity of our new friends in Scotland.  This made our trip to Scotland all the more special.

Ken & Connie, USA