Guided Fly Fishing for Experienced Anglers

“Why pay a fishing guide? I know how to fish!” Often the question on many people’s mind and please understand, I take absolutely no offence to this sentiment whatsoever! For many anglers the thought of sharing any of their time (and money!) with a guide in Assynt is a ridiculous idea, no matter how ‘good’ they might be. To explore and discover for yourself is exactly what I have done for over three-quarters of my life and you know what?… It was (and still is) absolutely brilliant!


But I am lucky. I am SO lucky! To have grown up here with a father who was a great supporter of my earliest fishing exploits and to have enjoyed seemingly endless summers wandering the hills and glens of Assynt, sometimes with a friend, often alone and always happy. ‘Lucky’ does not begin to express my gratitude for finding myself in this place, having lived the life I have had. I have had the enviable luxury of time, lots and lots of time!

3< A somewhat shell-shocked young S. Yates Esq. with a rather splendid Sea Trout, back in the days when there were enough to keep the occasional good-sized one for the pan!

A Half Day to get you started and an insight into some of options to explore further. Or a Full Day to really begin to perfect those methods, discuss Assynt’s full potential and maybe even combine two or even three different types of fishing into the day. I can guarantee that you will get a lot from our time together.