Guided Fly Fishing for Experienced Anglers

“Why pay a fishing guide? I know how to fish!” Often the question on many people’s mind and please understand, I take absolutely no offence to this sentiment whatsoever! For many anglers the thought of sharing any of their time (and money!) with a guide in Assynt is a ridiculous idea, no matter how ‘good’ they might be. To explore and discover for yourself is exactly what I have done for over three-quarters of my life and you know what?… It was (and still is) absolutely brilliant!

But I am lucky. I am SO lucky! To have grown up here with a father who was a great supporter of my earliest fishing exploits and to have enjoyed seemingly endless summers wandering the hills and glens of Assynt, sometimes with a friend, often alone and always happy. ‘Lucky’ does not begin to express my gratitude for finding myself in this place, having lived the life I have had. I have had the enviable luxury of time, lots and lots of time!

There really is a huge range of fly fishing available in Assynt but all too often I find that some very experienced anglers have not even considered anything outside the traditional loch and Salmon fishing. If you are in this category, you are missing out on SO much! The small streams – aka ‘The Wee Burns’ – with a 7′ #3 glass rod or the truly incredible saltwater fly fishing from the rocks for those unbelievably strong Pollock might have never even occurred to you, or if they have, where do you start? And not forgetting the art of ‘dapping’ – this method, with the right conditions can significantly increase the average size of fish to the boat and is the most incredible experience that will not be soon forgotten!

And then there is my honed technique of ‘Specimen Hunting’! This has produced some rather special moments in recent years, including one particular booking with a couple of lucky Swiss gentlemen who landed three fish of 18″, 20″ and 22″ and missed a couple more in the same region. Some people used to say that Assynt had only small Trout… They don’t say that anymore!