Fly Casting Tuition

The act of casting a fly rod is a great pastime in itself and, even after decades of casting, the fly fisher will always get a great satisfaction from a ‘perfect cast’. It is something that really must be experienced to be understood but I can see similarities with other pastimes such as golf or even snooker. The ‘relaxed focus’ that one can achieve, making everything else melt away from your mind for sometimes hours at a time really is a wonderful “brain vacation” from today’s world!… And it is really quite fun, even when it goes wrong!


As a qualified UKCC Level 2 Coach, I have been well practiced in coaching techniques and have been told that I am a very diligent and patient teacher! Anything from a half-hour refresher through to a whole morning, afternoon or evening going through everything – equipment, flies, lines, casting, hooking, landing, handling, unhooking, cooking(!?) and also a good look over the map to see the loch best suited to you. Everything in between as well.


Choosing to have a casting lesson in conjunction with hiring fly fishing equipment will attract a discount in the cost of the coaching session.