Like Father, Like Son

The first Assynt Fly Fishing Safari was a resounding success and I was very pleased to already have the next one lined up. Hein and Jan were a father and son from the Netherlands, both experienced sea anglers but neither had ever held a fly rod. Hein had got in touch back in mid-February, asking if I would be able to put together ‘the full package’ – a complete and comprehensive introduction to fly fishing for Wild Brown Trout. He and his son were visiting Assynt that summer and wanted to spend four days learning everything possible about the art of fly fishing with Assynt Fly Fishing.

Now, this was going to be a GOOD one!

After just a couple of email exchanges, it became clear that there were a couple of really great guys and we enthusiastically began planning for their visit. They wanted everything. The whole shebang. From Fly tying to full-on Assynt wilderness immersion. In just three days and one evening! Fueled by mutual energy and excitement we came up with an ambitious itinerary, but not one that would be cutting any corners, or leave us feeling like we had steamed through it so fast that it all seemed like it had barely happened at all!

If you are going on holiday… Go somewhere DIFFERENT!

The plan was this…

Day One – An evening’s introduction to fly tying.

Day Two – An introduction to fly fishing equipment followed by casting tuition and a trip to a nearby loch.

Day Three and Four – An Assynt Fly Fishing Safari into the remote wilds of Assynt with an overnight camp and (hopefully) lots of fish!

Now, all we had to do was cross our fingers for the weather and what could possibly go wrong?

The spring of 2015 was one of the coldest, wettest, most utterly miserable ones anyone could remember!

As the arrival of our guests drew closer we watched the forecast vary wildly, from “Probably okay” to “No bloody way!” and back again. I resigned myself to the fact that what would be, would be what it was and focused on getting everything ready for their arrival. And then… Miracle of miracles!… It stopped raining, the wind dropped to nothing more than a pleasant breeze and the temperature was forecast to reach SIXTEEN DEGREES! RESULT! Hein and Jan duly arrived and after pitching their tent in our field and exploring a little of the local area joined us for dinner. A very pleasant evening of fly tying instruction ensued and produced some most excellent results. Most ‘gezellig’!

A couple of last malts to round-off the evening and it was time lay our contented heads for the night, full of expectation of wonderful things to come… But would the weather hold?