There are two main rivers in Assynt, the Inver which flows from Loch Assynt to the sea at Lochinver and the Kirkaig, forming part of the southern boundary of Assynt as it flows from Fionn Loch down to Inverkirkaig. These ‘spate rivers’ are typical of the Northwest Highlands and see annual runs of the much sought after Atlantic Salmon.


Pursuit of these incredible migratory fish is often the reserve of the privileged few, but there are a couple of locations and techniques that means your ‘average Joe’ can also have a crack at ‘The King of Fish’! The rivers very often have an greatly reduced early season rate and towards the very end of the season, with some significant rainfall and a bit of luck, you might just get lucky higher up in some of the systems headwaters.

Much of the fishing is often quite ‘technical’ due to the confined nature of the river – one of my favorite beats (the section of river you have paid to fish for the day) is the Upper Kirkaig, which is definitely quite ‘adventurous’ and only for the physically fit! However, there are also some beautiful beats that are very easily accessible, so this option can be considered by all. The season runs until early October, with the best fishing usually being from August onwards.