Small Streams

Okay… The secret’s out… Sorry! The small streams of Assynt have begun to gain a deserved reputation as some of the finest fly fishing on offer. Fly fishing these often tiny waterways, with ultra-light tackle epitomises the truest, most pure form of ‘hunting’ the Wild Trout. And, to sum it up… IT’S GREAT FUN! The fishing can often be incredibly prolific, with missed takes greatly outnumbering fish to hand. But this often frenetic action, combined with a real sense of ‘adventure exploring’ this makes it perfectly suited to younger ones (and  of course big kids as well!)

Now, we are not going to break any size records here, your average is probably going to be shorter than my dog’s nose! But that is really not the point. Carefully working your way quietly upstream through the swishing deer grass or clambering over boulders and ‘picking pockets’ for some of the most iridescent, beautiful and ridiculously feisty wee Trout will leave your cheeks aching from the biggest grin possible!