Lochs – From the Banks

I could not even begin to contemplate how many miles of shoreline the 300+ lochs of Assynt might have. When people ask me, “So, you have fished every loch in Assynt I guess?” I will always reply, “What? Seriously? I have been fishing here for only thirty years! Give me a chance!” I will concede that the one weakness of my ‘Angling CV’ is that I have little experience of fishing outside of Assynt, I never find the time!

A half day with a young family, getting an introduction to casting from a safe shoreline can be as rewarding and fun as catching fish itself. For longer expeditions, the key is often keeping the activities fun and short, so variation is often the key. A combination of bank fishing, boat fishing and small stream can easily fill a whole day (and then some!) and should see them sleeping soundly that night!


Fishing from the bank, exploring mile upon mile upon mile of rocky outcrops, sandy bays, deep channels and oh-so-fishy-looking spots will wonderfully consume hours, days, even a whole lifetime! Sometimes the experienced fly fisher, faced with such bewildering and endless choice, can develop a nagging feeling of ‘missing out’. After all, you have only one or two precious weeks in which to satisfy your ‘Assynt Addiction’! Rest assured that I will make absolutely every effort to allay those nagging doubts and you should never again experience that “I should have gone to that loch today!” feeling… Well, almost never!


I have assisted many experienced anglers that have come to this paradise for many past seasons, who have enjoyed the Assynt ‘Classics’ – Veyatie, Cam, Urigill, Boralan, Assynt, Croacach, Sionascaig and few of the smaller ones – and have their ‘tick list’ they look forward to completing every year. But, after a few (very enjoyable and rewarding) seasons, they begin to realise that they are barely scratching the surface. But then the dilemma – I know my favorite spots and love them, I don’t want to risk going somewhere ‘not as good’ and having to start from scratch again! But there’s so much water! Please, allow me to get to know your preferences and guide you to some new ‘Favorite Places’!