Fly Fishing in Assynt

Lagg Fishery – All Year Fun

Lagg Fishery is situated in the northern part of Assynt, on the B869 between Clashnessie and Drumbeg. Under the careful management of Tom Sharp, a man very experienced in the field, this has become a real bonus to the local Trout fishing scene. The standard of Rainbow and Blue Trout here is outstanding and you … Continue reading Lagg Fishery – All Year Fun

Lochs – From the Banks

I could not even begin to contemplate how many miles of shoreline the 300+ lochs of Assynt might have. When people ask me, “So, you have fished every loch in Assynt I guess?” I will always reply, “What? Seriously? I have been fishing here for only thirty years! Give me a chance!” I will concede … Continue reading Lochs – From the Banks

Lochs – From a Boat

Traditional Scottish loch fishing from a rowing boat has been very popular since Victorian times and is still the best way to experience many of the larger lochs in the area. It is not only a great way to access a much larger area of water, it is simply great fun as well! On smaller … Continue reading Lochs – From a Boat

Small Streams

Over the past few years, the popularity of ‘the wee burns’ has established these wonderful places as one of the best types of fly fishing out there. But don’t let that lead you to believe that it gets busy – there are immeasurable kilometers of twisting, tumbling, gliding waterways that could provide many, many lifetime’s … Continue reading Small Streams

Coastal Saltwater Fly Fishing

Along with the small stream fishing, the saltwater fly fishing is an incredible treasure chest filled with bars of solid gold that has only recently been gleefully opened by a select few! However, it is there that the similarities with those beautiful wee burns most definitely ends. This fishing is BIG! Specialised saltwater fly rods … Continue reading Coastal Saltwater Fly Fishing


There are two main rivers in Assynt, the Inver which flows from Loch Assynt to the sea at Lochinver and the Kirkaig, forming part of the southern boundary of Assynt as it flows from Fionn Loch down to Inverkirkaig. These ‘spate rivers’ are typical of the Northwest Highlands and see annual runs of the much … Continue reading River

Families & Kids Fly Fishing

If there is one thing more important than going fishing, it’s getting kids to go fishing! All too often I hear ‘the young of today’ being written-off as stuck in front of their X-Box or glued to You Tube. Well, do something about it! Get them out into the nature and stick a fishing rod … Continue reading Families & Kids Fly Fishing

Limited Mobility Fly Fishing

Something Assynt Fly Fishing is keen to promote is the surprising availability of varied fishing opportunities for people of limited mobility. In Assynt we have the foundation of some great facilities and these are going to be expanded and developed over the coming years. I can wholeheartedly attest to the genuine therapeutic value of wilderness … Continue reading Limited Mobility Fly Fishing