Please understand that, due to the wide range of multi, single or half days, the number of people in a group, their equipment and experience level it is very difficult to simply have a set ‘price list’ for everything. To give you some idea of the likely cost, below are examples of the ‘standard’ prices … Continue reading Pricing

Coaching & Guiding

Fishing, particularly fly fishing, is seen by many as something that ‘other people do’ and it would never cross their mind to consider it as an activity that they might not only enjoy, but actually get seriously ‘hooked’! One type of booking that I absolutely love are just such ones as that, normally at short … Continue reading Coaching & Guiding

Fly Fishing Safaris

Sometimes such experiences can be shared with close friends, good people, your family or even your guide and create memories that will never fade but stay with you forever. It is difficult to put into words what I, as your guide and host, get from such experiences. Particularly those moments shared between family or very … Continue reading Fly Fishing Safaris

Fly Tying

As well as fly fishing, I have also been making my own fishing flies for over three decades! There is something extremely satisfying about planning your fishing trip, considering what insects you are likely to see, sitting for an evening making beautiful, delicate representations of those bugs, casting them to a rising Trout and making … Continue reading Fly Tying

Fly Casting Tuition

The act of casting a fly rod is a great pastime in itself and, even after decades of casting, the fly fisher will always get a great satisfaction from a ‘perfect cast’. It is something that really must be experienced to be understood but I can see similarities with other pastimes such as golf or … Continue reading Fly Casting Tuition

Equipment Hire

Assynt Fly fishing has good quality fly fishing equipment available to everyone who has a booking with me and clients are able to hire equipment after  the booking, if they want to keep fishing a few more days. Each full set of equipment includes; rod, reel, line, leader material, flies and nippers on a retractable … Continue reading Equipment Hire


Whilst fishing itself is not a particularly hazardous pastime, there are a few obvious (and perhaps not so obvious) dangers that everyone should know about before setting out onto the water and throwing sharp hooks around in the air! I have thoroughly risk-assessed the main aspects of fishing, hillwalking and camping and have separate risk … Continue reading Safety