Coaching & Guiding

Fishing, particularly fly fishing, is seen by many as something that ‘other people do’ and it would never cross their mind to consider it as an activity that they might not only enjoy, but actually get seriously ‘hooked’! One type of booking that I absolutely love are just such ones as that, normally at short notice, “What are we going to do tomorrow afternoon? Have you seen that Assynt Fly Fishing leaflet? Shall we have a go?” More often than not, such bookings result in me giving advice via numerous subsequent emails on which is the best equipment to buy, where can they fly fish closer to home and are you booked for this week next year!

I also experience a lot of coarse anglers or people who have done a bit of sea fishing trying out fly fishing for the first time. Again, the realisation that fly fishing really is not just for those ‘old duffers’ will often result in the purchase of their own equipment (often to the dismay of their partner!) and the start of a life-long pursuit of that perfect cast and of course that fish!


My experience, training as a UKCC Level 2 Angling Coach, some of my past employment positions and my easy-going, humorous and patient demeanor (so I’m told!) all come into play to ensure that your learning of the wonderful act of casting a fly rod is a much fun as possible. Yes, there is a bit of a challenge, but it is easily overcome and there is always that “Ureka!” moment of the first good cast. Immensely rewarding for both coach and client!

Your guide accepts no responsibility for subsequent bankruptcy, divorce or any similar (or dissimilar) issues arising from fly fishing addiction. There are groups that might be able to help you cope, but mostly it will be a personal battle!