Coastal Saltwater Fly Fishing


Along with the small stream fishing, the saltwater fly fishing is an incredible treasure chest filled with bars of solid gold that has only recently been gleefully opened by a select few! However, it is there that the similarities with those beautiful wee burns most definitely ends. This fishing is BIG! Specialised saltwater fly rods (also used for specimen Pike hunting) and huge, often heavily weighted flies and super-fast sinking heavy lines are the order of the day. Please – do not take your beloved Trout rod to the sea, even that hefty Hardy 11′ #8 and think that you can be assured of success against a Pollack of five pounds or more. That expensive four-piece could easily become an even more expensive (to repair) five-piece!

This fishing is for reasonably experienced fly casters only. The heavy equipment takes a firm hand and some of the marks are quite a height above the moving water, so vertigo is also a red line! This is no place to be learning the basics of casting and ‘line dancing’ with the coils wrapped around your ankles!

But to put your mind at rest, my Mountain Leader qualification and experience of being a member of Mountain Rescue Teams in the past means that your security in steep ground will always be assured. I will always guarantee your security on such terrain and can assist you to realise your dream of that five-pound-plus Pollock on the fly!

This is dramatic fishing, for ridiculously powerful fish, in some of the most stunning locations in Assynt. It has to be experienced to be understood!