Lochs – From a Boat

Traditional Scottish loch fishing from a rowing boat has been very popular since Victorian times and is still the best way to experience many of the larger lochs in the area. It is not only a great way to access a much larger area of water, it is simply great fun as well! On smaller lochs with boats it can be a fantastic family day out, with Mum, Dad and the kids taking turns out with the guide on the water whilst the rest of the family enjoy paddling, playing and picnicking at the water’s edge.


Boats also open up many lochs to those who might think that their physical limitations would mean that experiencing wilderness fishing is something that they could never even dream of. Have a look at the Limited Mobility Fly fishing section of the site and I hope you might be very pleasantly surprised!

Sometimes the boat will mainly be used as a ‘water taxi’ to get us to and return us from our intended primary fishing location and this will also most likely feature in any Angling Safaris. Drifting silently with the occasional carefully dipped oar to maintain position around the eerily prehistoric islands of Loch Beannach or motoring into the remote wilds of Assynt on a bright and breezy Veyatie, a day out on a boat is indeed a great experience.