What can I say… we all set off for a weeks fishing with Stewart to  Assynt and what a week it was!

We battled every weather imaginable but stuck with it and got our rewards in the end. By the grace of God Stewart had many a trick up his sleeve to ensure that we got the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Stewart and his family made us feel very welcome for the time that we was there and I suppose special thanks has to go to his family for allowing him to spend the time with us on the fly fishing safari.

For those that have never been to Assynt it is definitely one for the bucket list. It is crazy to think that people would go abroad for fantastic scenery and fishing when in actual fact it’s available just at the north – west tip of Scotland.

Stewart focused very hard on ensuring that all of us from down south had a week to remember….. that is exactly what we had.

Once again a special thanks to Stewart putting in the effort to make it a great week…. no doubt we will be back