Thank you for the 2 days of guiding. Some very useful lessons, new marks, and tactics, and more than anything else has shown me to have faith in my approach and be patient.

Michael, England

Thanks so much for a wonderful  day’s fishing in Assynt.  As you said, the pools got better and better as we walked upstream, ending in the beautiful cauldron at the top. The hot drink and macaroons were a treat as was the use your Orvis rod, and thanks for all the tackle changes you did throughout the way. I’ll need a lot more practice to tie a knot that quickly!  The waterfall all the end was amazing.

Chris, England

One of my best ever days spent fly fishing, enjoying the wilds of Assynt. Stewart is an incredible ambassador for the region – every email was answered with detail and passion – and then on our day in the hills, his energy and love for the region, wildlife and fishing was relentless. He promised me a day to remember – and he delivered, ten-fold. We tracked a small stream through gorges and rock features. I stopped counting fish when I hit 20. We ended the day with a few hours in a boat on a loch, in the shadow of Suilven mountain. I’ll definitely be back and look forward to my next adventure with Stewart and Geo.

Guy, England

Thanks you for a great time this morning – so enjoyed it and will be telling the family all about it and we hope to come back for another  coaching session with you next year.

Gillian, England

Now i am back home and i remember the great times we had up in the Highlands. Beautiful views, nice Walks, information about the land, fauna and flora, the perfect cafe in the morning and afternoon, and not to forget the beautiful fishing in river and lakes.  I can give the advice to everybody that a  guiding with you in the Assynt Area is absolutely a must. You know the areas and help us with everything. The fish spotting with you was very exciting and useful, then without that we could not catch the very big an beautiful trout.  I hope i can come again to Assynt and have some beautiful fishing with you again.

Luigi, Switzerland

We had an absolutely wonderful time fishing a gorgeous stream for “wee” brown trout in what we agree is the most beautiful place we’ve ever fished.  Stewart was a great guide; he had all the equipment and know-how we needed, as well as some great local history and stories, and even delicious rhubarb biscuits and tea!  We wholeheartedly recommend Assynt Fly Fishing for anyone seeking a delightful fly fishing experience while in the area.

Walt & Mary Lou, Houston, Texas

Fantastic experience, exploring parts of Loch Veyatie that I had never seen. An in depth knowledge of the area being fished plus the geology class really gave a sense of awe and appreciation for the area. A fantastic day’s fishing where we both learned a lot, despite having fished for around 30 years each already.

James, England

I spent a fantastic day with Stewart, attempting the Assynt triple challenge – loch fishing, burn fishing and saltwater fly fishing all in the same day! Stewart is extremely knowledgeable, and I learnt a huge amount about local flora and fauna, and also about the fascinating geology of Assynt. I would not have known where to begin on vast Loch Assynt, and to have Stewart take me to the best bays and give tips, not to mention steering the boat, sorting the drogue, changing flies in record time etc was really helpful.
Saltwater fly fishing was completely new to me and to learn how to double haul a big fly out to sea while taking in the stunning view was something I won’t forget in a hurry.

The highlight of the day for me was fishing the wee burn. The most PERFECT miniature fingerling trout I have ever caught! Every pool seemed to hold a hungry trout ready to launch itself at my weighted nymph! I even hooked a much larger fish which slipped the hook. This really was the stuff fishing memories are made of.

I had a huge amount of fun, and also learnt a lot during the day. This was a real showcase day. If you are after a superb guide to let you enjoy this world class fishing and spectacular scenery to the full, then look no further than Stewart! I highly recommend the triple challenge.

James, United Kingdom

Went out with Stewart on to Loch Fion, for me the most spectacular loch of the Assynt. A great day’s fishing. Stewart introduced me to dapping. What great sport! Trout hurtled out of the water to take the fly, with some great takes. Caught plenty of other beautiful trout using all the usual fly methods. Saw both golden and white tailed eagles fly overhead. Stewart was a great companion and guide. Will definitely repeat next year. Thanks Stewart!

Stephen, England

Hi Stewart
I just wanted to tell you that we had such a special day fly fishing with you. Thank you for all your knowledge, your wife´s cakes, the green tea, the lovely collection of photos you carefully took of us and even the amazing rainbows you closed the trip with. You run an amazing very personal business and it was a real pleasure to be one of your customers.

Janet, Spain